Since I lost my best cat friend of 18 years last December, I have had an obsession of painting cats in outer space. I will not stop painting them any time soon. As I paint their ethereal faces, I think of Raven and hope she is having a big adventure of her own.

"Space Kitty" 12"x24" Original Painting, Susan Van Sant, 2015.

"Space Kitty II" 14"x18" Original Painting, Susan Van Sant, 2015

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About Susan Van Sant

My name is Susan Van Sant, and I live in beautiful Grand Rapids, MI. I am a self-representing artist and have been creating and selling my artwork across the globe since 2007. Each painting has been carefully rendered on either stretched canvas or gessoed wood panel. I prefer acrylic paint, using a glazing technique with many layers that appear to “float” upon another which results in almost a dimensional quality with gorgeous depth of color. The edges are painted black, so the artwork can hang with or without a frame. Highest quality materials are used, ensuring my paintings will last many generations. My fine art prints are hand-pulled by me, the artist, ensuring the best possible likeliness of the originals. View all posts by Susan Van Sant

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