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Harlequin catches your gaze as she dances amidst flying playing cards. Her face is painted, her body tattooed with skulls and roses, and her bodice is adorned with white lace.

This is an original piece of artwork, hand painted by fantasy artist Susan Van Sant. The painting is rendered on portrait smooth canvas. It is 11″x14″ in size and the canvas is gallery wrapped, 3/4″ deep, edges painted black. It is ready to hang without a frame but is a standard size for easy framing if you choose to do so. Please consider adding this painting to your collection of fine artworks.

The watermark stamp is shown on internet images only to protect the artwork from being copied. The only writing you will find on this painting is the artist’s own signature in the bottom right corner in iridescent gold paint.


“Harlequin” 11×14 Original Painting. Van Sant © 2013. All rights reserved

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A lot goes into making a finished painting, but it all starts out with a quick thumbnail sketch of a single idea. As you can see, it doesn’t look like much at first..


“Harlequin” initial rough sketch on a piece of newsprint paper

Once I work out some basic issues, I use grey watered down paint to sketch out the design onto the canvas.


“Harlequin” early sketch onto the canvas where I work out the basic shapes.

After I lay down the initial sketch, the real fun begins. I then start blocking in the color until I’m happy with the proportions and the rest main character. Once this is done, I can start the glazing process where I use thin layers of paint on top of each other, almost like sculpting, creating highlights, shadows, and gorgeous blends of middle tones until the painting is complete! As you can see from the early sketches, the painting evolves somewhat from the initial sketches where I may choose to add or omit items as the artwork in my mind’s eye becomes a reality.


Copyright Information: All images and other content Copyright © by Susan Van Sant. All rights reserved by artist. Buyer is not purchasing the rights to the image. Any and all publishing and reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. This image is not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way. If you are in any way unsure of the legal rights retained by the artist following the sale of the work, or are purchasing this artwork with the intention of re-selling this work you must be aware of the Visual Artists Rights Act.